Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Old Soul (New Video)

Here's a new video about the Old soul. It briefly highlights the defining traits and characteristics common to old souls and also examines how the old soul fits into society. This appears to be a series of ongoing videos about the Michael teachings. I'll post more as they become available. Just click on the video below to watch. The Old Soul: 7 Characteristics You can also view the YouTube playlist for this video here: Have fun!


Over Christmas, I was watching a fascinating show that featured a team of scientists charting undersea topography maps in the caldera of Santorini, the volcano that destroyed the Minoan civilization. 

Looking at the caldera, I had always wondered why more hadn't studied what the original topographical features once looked like. The volcanic eruption destroyed much of the original landscape, but you can imagine that it could have contained Plato's concentric circles. 

Well, the study showed that Santorini was indeed laid out in concentric circles -- just like Atlantis. If the evidence before wasn't convincing enough, I now have no doubt now that Plato was referring to the eruption of Santorini when he spoke of Atlantis. It all makes sense.


The ancient Egyptians did trade with the Minoans and it's documented that Egypt was hit hard by the eruption. And other scientists have speculated that the eruption was the cause of the later plagues documented in the bible. 

The Atlanteans/Minoans were certainly advanced for their day. They had an impressive fleet of ships and were a major trade destination. They had plumbing that allowed fresh water into households, along with intricate waste disposal systems and subterranean sewers. Many of their structures were seismic resistant, and they had interesting light and air flow control. I think they're also credited with developing the first written language in Europe. A very advanced civilization.


Read an interesting analysis about Atlantis at the Michael Teachings site.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Old Soul & Interests

A question was asked: "Am I an old soul if I study numerology, astrology and other metaphysical practices?"

There are young souls who may be developed more spiritually than an old soul. It all depends on the individual. And it doesn't really matter in the end. It's not a race.

Also, I wouldn't necessarily equate a study of numerology, astrology, and psychic phenomena with the providence of the old soul. As interesting as these topics may be, none of them contribute to spiritual growth in a classic sense. Old souls are more interested in casting off the tattered remnants of false personality (or ego). That's a form of spiritual development that requires more self-awareness and seeing how everything fits together as a whole. A study of Buddhism is more in alignment with such endeavors - although any soul age could study and benefit from Buddhism.

All is choice, as Michael says. A young soul could become a Tibetan monk and an old soul could be the CEO of a major corporation.

This reminds me of conversations about Servers. The server is often pigeon-holed into occupations such as being a doctor, a nurse, a social worker, or someone working retail at Wal-mart. But John Steinbeck, one of our greatest American novelists, was channeled as a server. Even more surprisingly, Alfred Hitchcock, that great director of suspense films and noir, was also channeled as a server (albeit with scholar secondaries). You can never tell just how the individual soul will choose to create their life.