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For those of you who don't know me, I'm the webmaster of a metaphysical website, . This blog will explore some of my personal views about the teachings, life in general, and anything else I feel like belaboring. I will occasionally post some of my own channeling, too. Here's a little bit about the Michael teachings:

The Michael entity is a collective of 1050 souls who have completed their incarnations on earth, and evolved to a higher plane of existence. As with many other spiritual teachers, Michael's knowledge is conveyed to the earth plane through the use of a human channel. These channeled teachings were first published in a book entitled, "Messages from Michael," and it paved the way for many publications to come.

A fundamental aspect of Michael's wisdom is that the meaning of existence is in a nutshell -- life. There is nothing else. The experiences we gather from living day after day, lifetime after lifetime, constitute the essential components necessary to grow spiritually. There are no secret rituals, special meditations, or any other esoteric practices required. Life itself is the only lesson plan needed in order to move forward. From this continual dance, we eventual learn the following tenet: we are here to learn how to choose, and to choose how to learn.

Unlike familiar information provided by Seth, or Lazaris, which largely focus on the principles of conscious creation, the Michael teachings bring a unique perspective to our physical plane explorations. Michael provides a revealing set of tools that help chart our spiritual progress as we journey from first incarnation to last. Diligent application of this system teaches us to validate our overall development in the reincarnational cycle, show where we are on the path, what lessons we will encounter, why we are here, and what is yet to come. It also helps us understand the unique qualities we bring to the world, and why people and societies are the way they are.


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