Saturday, March 11, 2006

Channeling: If, Then Games

Q: Most people I've talked to played those "If, then" games in their heads as children. Example: if I get past that street light before that red car passes me, this or this will happen, or something I wish for comes true. Where does that come from since it seems to be so common and what is the significance of this, if there is any? Is it actually practice for something?

A: While there are innumerable explanations for this pastime, in general, these little distractions are relics, if you will, from astral games played between lifetimes. The astral can be a wonderful playground to test how thoughts and emotions shape reality, and while the results are often riotous and unexpected, there is much enjoyment derived from creating small Universes without fear that one misstep could lead to a cosmic catastrophe. Back on the physical, however, there is the illusion that more is at stake. This can instill an unwillingness in many fragments to take responsibility for what they secretly desire or wish to create. Thus, "If, then" games are a way to place the burden onto something other than themselves. If the light turns red before the intersection is reached, for example, it might be playfully said that a job promotion won't be obtained. But what fragments are really doing is giving away their power so they can't blame themselves if something goes wrong. We would not necessary say such games are a "cop-out" because most fragments eventually take enough responsibility for their actions to manifest the reality they've envisioned. We then see these diversions as a way of letting off steam or taking the pressure off something that will eventually get done in due time.



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