Saturday, March 11, 2006

Channeling: What is a True teacher?

Q: What is a true teacher?

A: We do not wish to minimize the intent behind this question, but every person you meet is a true teacher. There isn't a soul on the planet who doesn't have something to teach you. The very nature of existence provides a multitude of experiences, and no matter how mundane or trivial, the opportunity to learn always exists. Nothing is ever wasted. You are literally learning every second you exist; it cannot be avoided. In this regard, LIFE is the truest teacher.

Concerning other people, every interaction you have with another fragment is a chance to learn about the intricacies of the human condition and what it's like to experience life on the physical plane. True teachers come in surprising guises: the Mother-in-law who made your life a living hell; the spouse that disrupted your marriage with a painful affair; the girl next door who gave you your first kiss; the panhandler that asked for money, these are all true teachers and they have taught you well. The real purpose behind their intent is immaterial. Essence doesn't judge the lessons it extracts from life, it simply learns from them.

There are, of course, people that specialize in teaching. There are vast curriculums at your disposal that explore the academics with carefully defined prerequisites for potential instructors, and criteria like this can either be helpful or a process of false personality. We are mainly concerned in this discussion with the larger perspective. From our vista we see every life form on earth as a true teacher -- from the smallest microbe to the tallest tree.

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